Machine embroidered beetle on denim swatch.
Cut out denim leg with embroidered beetle on denim swatch covers the knee.
Machine embroidered beetle patch on denim swatch. Yellow dotted lines outline the embroidered portion as well as a triangle, star, and circle. Text: Cut out different shapes for patch variety!
Paper backing of embroidered denim patch.
Gif: cut out denim leg. Cuts from bare knee to large beetle embroidered denim patch to small beetle embroidered denim patch covering knee of leg.

Big Beetle Iron-On Patch


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Repair your clothing with a big beetle iron-on patch! Patch a rip in your denim pants or jacket. Or add flair to any garment. Make your clothes "handmade chic"!

All patches are:

  • One of a kind
Check out this video on how they were made here: 
  • Machine embroidered onto denim
  • Backed with permanent iron-on adhesive
  • Shades of neon green and copper
  • Upcycled polka dotted fabric makes up the body of the beetle
  • Can be used as is, or cut it down as you wish
  • Dimensions, approximate: 4.5" (11.4 cm) x 3.5" (9 cm) 

Make sure you know where you want these flower bouquets to end up, these patches are permanent once ironed on.

This patch is best for denim, twill and worker-type coats (think corduroy or twill). Or add to a bag. 

How to apply iron-on patches to your garment: 

  1. Turn on iron to medium/low - medium/hot setting
    1. Medium/low for synthetics
    2. Medium/hot for cotton 
  2. Remove paper backing
  3. Place patch on garment
  4. If the hole is large, please scrap fabric or paper between the hole and other fabric so it doesn't bond the patch to behind the hole. 
  5. Press patch for 8 seconds
    1. For thicker fabrics, additional time may be required. 
  6. No sewing needed!
  7. Wear it!
  8. Tag #blissjoybull on IG

Extra iron-on adhesive included with purchase; sometimes those little corners need some extra help to bond to the fabric!

  1. Cut adhesive to size needed.
  2. Place on to un-patched area, paper side facing up.
  3. Turn on iron to medium/low - medium/hot setting
    1. Medium/low for synthetics
    2. Medium/hot for cotton 
  4. Press patch for 2 seconds
  5. Remove paper backing and follow instructions, above, to attach the patch to your garment.

You are supporting two artists with your purchase! These graphics are designed by Jenny Boehme of piink iink studio. 50% of proceeds will be distributed to her. 

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