Two air plants sit in fabric cone shaped air plant holders. They are sitting on an open book. One plant holder is a blue and white print, the other a sage green canvas.
a row of cone fabric air plant holders with black cords. From top to bottom: chocolate brown, green swirl print, blue ivy print on white background, cranberry red.
Three different kinds of air plants on a marble background. Airplant A: TILLANDSIA VELUTINA. Air plant B: TILLANDSIA CAPUT-MEDUSAE. Airplant C: BULBOSA GUATEMALA.
An air plant sits in a blue and white fabric cone fabric holder. A thin black cord sits underneath the holder.
An air plant stands in a green fabric cone plant holder. A thick cord from the holder is draped over a book title Introduction to Botany.
An air plant sits in a green swirl print cone plant holder. The cord from the plant holder is strung over the edge of a framed print. A few words can be seen from the print: you are; today; all of my; tomorrow.
An air plant sits in a dark brown fabric cone holder. There is the corner of a picture frame and a wooden tray in the background. The air plant and holder sit on a white dresser.
A blooming air plant sits in a hanging blue and white print cone shaped fabric holder with a black cord.
A blooming air plant sits in a hanging safe green cone shaped fabric holder with a thick tan cord against a white wall.
An air plant sits in a dark brown fabric cone holder. The air plant holder hangs from its cord from the edge of a wooden floating shelf. Another plant with a few medium sized leaves sits on the shelf in a terra cotta colored plant holder.
A woman wears cone shaped necklace with air plant inside the cone. She is smiling, wearing glasses, a striped green and white shirt, a navy velvet blazer and gold and green bow dangling earrings. She is standing against a brick wall.
A packet of 12-month supply of air plant fertilizer surrounded by 3 small air plants on a marble background.

Air Plants & Holders


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Please note: Black, Navy, and Mystery colors not shown. Black air plant holder has a thicker cord. Cord color may vary from images. 

Oh, what a fashionable plant you have! Fashion for your window. Fashion for your walls. Gently hold your air plant in a cocoon of waxed fabric. Adjust the long hemp cord with a simple knot and hang from a hook on your wall. 

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  • 1-2" air plant.
  • Easy to care for.
  • Bright, indirect light.
  • Fertilize plant 1x/month with air plant fertilizer. Water them without fertilizer the other weeks.
Choose your air plant holder color:
  • Air plant holder is perfect for your small air plants.
  • Air plant holder is 2" x 3".
  • Vintage or hemp fabric. 
  • Waxed with 100% beeswax for water repellency. 
  • Fabric has a subtle, sweet honey scent. 
  • 18" (45.7 cm) black hemp cord.
  • Do not submerge fabric in water.


Care: No soil needed. Air plants will thrive in their holder with indirect bright light. Spritz with water occasionally. Approximately every couple of weeks soak your plant in water for 30 minutes. Dry upside down completely and return the plant to its holder. Spot clean the plant holder with a damp cloth. Use a hairdryer to remove water stains. Do not submerge plant holder in water. 

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