Waxed Cotton Fabric - Sage Vines
Waxed Cotton Fabric - Sage Vines

Waxed Cotton Fabric - Sage Vines


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This waxed cotton fabric lot contains two pieces. You will receive both. 

Sage vines: green sage colored fabric with a lighter sage vine pattern. 

Piece 1= 34" x 30.5" (not a rectangle)

Piece 2= 23.5" x 25"

Samples available at $1/piece. 

Small pieces of waxed cotton to use for your own small projects, such as zippered clutches and bags. Cotton fabric waxed with 100% beeswax. Please note: your fabric will have creases. This is a natural occurrence of waxed fabric and will only enhance the appearance of your projects. 

Sold by the piece. Once it's gone, it's gone. Some pieces are not rectangles and will be noted as such.  

Please be aware colors may appear different in person due to differences in monitors. I do my best to display the color as close as possible to real life. Please order a sample for an accurate color.  

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