A hand holds a small pile of beeswax pellets. A block of beeswax is in the background on a white background.
A small pile of beeswax pellets sits next to a block of beeswax on a white background.

100% Beeswax Pellets


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These beeswax pellets are the perfect size for melting. Use to make your own lip balm, body lotions, soaps, candles or for waxing your own fabric

  • 100% pure beeswax.
  • Sourced from USA beekeepers. 
  • No filtering needed. Already triple filtered.
  • Considered White, but has a light yellow hue.
  • Cosmetic grade.
  • 4 oz produces about 1 cup liquid volume.
  • Subtle honey scent.
  • Melts at 195 degrees and begins to soften at 95 degrees.

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