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black and white tweed and dark grey fabric lay on white background. Three spools of thread and a pair of scissors sit on top.
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Spools of sewing thread in a yellow tray and accessories are placed on a grey table.
All of the supplies needed for any sewing project set up in perfect order on white linen. Needles, pins, thread, scissors and measuring tools,

Sewing & Mending Workshop


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Join Nandi (rhymes with blondie) in a 1.5 hour sewing and mending workshop over zoom. 

I, Nandi, will demonstrate a couple darning techniques for repairing knit sweaters and woven garments. I encourage you to practice the skill on a scrap or an item of clothing you don't mind practicing on. There will be lots of time for questions and feedback on repair projects you need help on. Bring something you'd like to repair. 

To take part:

  • First, purchase a ticket from Add to Cart Button, above
  • Ensure you have a device with a webcam and microphone
  • Download the Zoom app in advance
  • Set up your Zoom account:
  • Join Zoom Meeting via the link sent after your order confirmation.
  • You can either have your video screen and microphone on or off - note that if it's on, people will be able to see and hear you.
  • BLISS JOY BULL may record video content and capture images from virtual workshops. By participating in the workshop, you consent to being filmed and/or photographed for such purpose. If you do not wish to appear, please do not turn on your camera.


  • A selection of fabrics to work on for practice - or if you’re feeling confident, you can work directly on an item that needs repair. Nandi recommends starting with a practice piece so you can practice your stitching skills.
  • Patching fabric - match the fabric patch with whatever you're mending - i.e. cotton with cotton / linen with linen (never use fabric that is stronger than the item you’re mending, rather choose something that matches or is lighter in weight).
  • Embroidery cotton thread (contrasting or matching)
  • Sewing machine cotton thread
  • Snippers / Scissors
  • Selection of needles
  • Pins

Optional Materials:

  • Darning needle- be sure to get the size that matches your yarn. For example, smaller for finer wool.  used for knit fabrics
  • Darning wool (wool to match your socks or sweater, for example) - remember to try to match your materials in kind (wool with wool) and thickness for the best results.used for knit fabrics
  • Darning mushroom (or egg) - used for knit fabrics
  • Shashiko thread is a specific kind of cotton thread that is slightly different than embroidery thread. It is a little bit stronger and unlikely to separate like embroidery thread does. You can also find Shashiko needles that are longer than regular sewing needles. - used for woven fabrics

Once it's safe to do so, I plan to offer in-person workshops at my studio in Edgewater (near Balmoral & Winthrop Aves in Chicago). 

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