How to Wax Canvas Resource & Guide - PDF Download
How to Wax Canvas Resource & Guide - PDF Download

How to Wax Canvas Resource & Guide - PDF Download


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This is a downloadable PDF. You will receive the PDF once your order is placed. 

This guide walks you through the steps from sourcing your own canvas and beeswax to creating your own custom waxed fabric with 100% beeswax. You’ll also find:

  • A waxed canvas supplier list
    • Sources that supply waxed canvas with various forms of wax from beeswax to non-toxic petroleum
  • Mostly US based suppliers:
    • Waxed fabric samples
    • Low quantities
  • How to create your own waxed canvas with supplies from the supplier list

I've been using waxed canvas in my designs since about 2014. I wanted to create my own waxed canvas from 100% beeswax so I created this tutorial.

After experimenting with my own waxed canvas I went on the search for waxed hemp canvas.

It didn't exist.

Through trial and error and lots of research I came up with a source that fit my needs. It looked like others were looking for the same thing so I started selling the fabric to the public. I kept having to raise the price. Does anyone want to pay $100+/yd for waxed hemp canvas? Hit me up! I kid, I kid! If you want to check out what kind of materials you can create with this guide check out these waxed hemp samples.

Also see my waxed cotton canvas if you're not up for sourcing your own. 

As a small-time creator we need different ways to pay the bills. I realized that selling the hemp waxed canvas at that price wasn’t sustainable. That's where this guide comes in.

By purchasing this PDF you’re supporting a small business. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Downloadable PDF's are non-refundable. 

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