Waste not, want not.


Ananda got her start in designing and crafting at a young age. She attended design school at Iowa State University and completed her degree in fashion design at the Art Institute of NYC. While attending school, selling her clothing and bags at a couple boutiques around the city inspired her to make it a full time thing. After 4 years in New York, she hightailed it back to Iowa to marry her high school sweetheart. 

Ananda uses certified organic materials and unwanted or discarded materials; i.e. vintage buttons, zippers and upholstery, mill end fabrics and leather. Ananda dyes and paints her materials with low impact dyes, creating one of a kind pieces. She strives to create "zero waste" bags and clothing by either creating a pattern that uses the whole material, or recycles left over threads and scraps into smaller accessories or into stuffing for pillows. No scraps are left behind! Bliss Joy Bull is lovingly handmade in Chicago, IL. 

To see more of what we offer, please check Bliss Joy Bull on etsy.