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BLISS JOY BULL is made in Chicago. Nandi strives for zero waste in her designs for home and body using fabric diverted from landfills & certified organic fabrics. 
Nandi teaches sewing workshops that help you make your clothing last longer with visible mending.
Text: 47th ward eco fest at welles park 06.01.2024. 10am-2pm. bit.ly/ecofest-24. Surrounded by graphics: a gazebo, recycling symbol on a hangtag, a lightbulb with leaves as filament, clothes in the shape of a recycling symbol.
A rip in the armhole of a denim jacket and knee rip in denim pants both repaired with visible mending. Text: Wednesday, June 5, 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Denim Repair Workshop @ Indigo & Violet Studio, 1411 W Irving Park Rd.
ABC7 Chicago facebook post: The lost are of sewing and patching your clothes is making a comeback through a new trend called "visible mending". Image of two darned socks with colorful thread. Text: abc7chicago.com. Sustainable Fashion: Visibly mending artfully prolongs life of clothes.
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