A small white piece of fabric lays under mending supplies: embroidery thread, sashiko thread, cotton swatches, needles, pins, needle threader, and yellow thread snips. Text: thread snips not to scale and color may vary.. Text with lines connected to the items point to each them. Text: Mending kit. Not shown, but included: hemp/cotton sweater knit swatch, visible mending booklet, tapestry needle, wool yarn.
A black pair of thread snips points at 3 embroidery floss bundles in orange, sea foam green, and light blue. Text: super sharp, carbon steel. Trims light-heavyweight fabrics and thread. 10-year warranty.
One thread snips lying horizontally. The handles are slightly shiny and black; the blades are dark grey. LDH logo on the top blade.

Mending Kit with Thread Snips


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For your mending and repair needs. Get started in hand sewing with this mending kit with added thread snips.

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Mending Kit includes: 

  • Cotton fabric swatch for practicing
  • A few small cotton swatches for patching
  • Cotton embroidery thread
  • Cotton Sashiko thread
  • 5 sharp darning needles
  • 1 tapestry needle
  • Wool yarn
  • 6 straight pins
  • Needle threader
  • Visible mending booklet
  • Colors will vary and will be chosen for you
  • Thread snips - color may vary from images

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