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I'm a Hand Washing Convert or How To Hand Wash Wool Sweaters

I've fallen in love with my wool sweaters all over again. I've saved a little cash, made my sweaters softer, and prolonged their wear and tear. In this tutorial, I'll give you the pros and cons of hand washing wool, cashmere and wool blend sweaters, a few tricks on repairing holes, the cost benefits of hand washing, and how to store them until next season.  I dread taking my clothing to the dry cleaners. The chemicals, the cost, the bringing-of-clothes-outside-of-the-house-montage. When I found out I could hand wash my sweaters without ruining them I signed myself up!  I've had to say goodbye to too many sweaters after shrinking them in the wash. Thinking, the gentle cycle is gentle enough, it won't...

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