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Notes on Dyeing: Mini Clutches in Grey Shibori

So I can remember what I do, and recreate it if I so desire. These notes may sound like a robot.  Materials hemp/organic cotton/recycled polyester canvas  ~ 3 T. "better black" dye - fiber reactive dye  ~ 3 cups water 2 T. soda ash rubber bands large plastic container to hold dye bath plastic bag to wrap fabric for curing professional textile detergent (synthrapol) Note: For this experiment I started with 4 canvases pre-dyed with fiber reactive dye, then bleached to remove most of the dye (one was slightly darker). One canvas started un-dyed.  Round 1: folded into 4ths, then triangles. Dyed with fiber reactive dyes in blue + black. (4 canvases) Round 2: folded into 4ths, then triangles. Bleached with pure...

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