A piece of yellow paper folded in half with 4- 1/4 sheets of stick and stitch guides stick out of the top. The guides have grids, even , and uneven stitch guides. The yellow paper says: visible mending stick and stitch sewing guide, peel, stick, stitch, and wash away and contents of kit. Instructions are included.
A mending sampler of plus and star stitches with a piece of stitching guide attached and stitches sewn on the guide. A few stitches are sewn without the guide and aren't as even. A cut piece of the guide sits on top of the sampler with a threaded needle inserted into the fabric.
Visible mending stick and stitch sewing guide with simple, geometric shapes of grids and even and unevenly spaced stitches.
Visible mending stick and stitch sewing guide with more advanced stitches in star, triangle, square, and chevron.

Stick & Stitch Sewing Guide


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Repair your clothes with visible mending. These stick and stitch guides make mending your clothes a breeze. Simply, peel, stick, stitch, and wash away and you'll be left with your beautiful stitches on your garment.

Use these guides instead of free-hand stitching. If your garment has a hole, place patching fabric underneath, baste it in place, then use the stitching guide over the top to add a unique design. 

  • Each kit contains 4, 4" x 5" guides
  • Instructions for use
  • Simple includes:
    • 1x 1/2" even stitches
    • 1x 1/4' uneven stitches
    • 1 x 1/2" dot grid
    • 1x 1/4' dot grid
  • Advanced includes:
    • 1 x star stitches
    • 1x triangle stitches
    • 1x square stitches
    • 1x chevron stitches

    Want to learn to mend your clothes with visible mending?

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